The Industry

          I graduated from l'École de Joaillerie de Montreal in 2001 and I've been self employed since launching Missy Industry in 2003. I love the independence and being able to express every new obsession I get into my jewelry. I believe my work will keep me happy, healthy and sane! 


          I make each piece by hand starting with sterling silver sheet and wire which I saw, file, shape, rivet and solder into rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. I mold the first piece to make a small production or make just one unique piece for custom orders. The jewelry has a dark, oxidized finish to bring out the textures and keep it looking great forever. Pre-tarnished, you could say. It looks handmade but also precise and industrial. Antique yet futuristic.

         I'm inspired by black metal, techno, post-punk, heavy metal fashion, rebels, sharp objects, fears, tattoos, witchcraft, tribes... Handmade on the Darkside!