First I hammered the lined texture on this 8mm wide band and then I debated whether I should add a spike or not. I really couldn't resist, it's such a killer detail!
I softened the spike a bit and it's not as dangerous as it looks.

Then the name Ivan came to me as in Ivan the Terrible!
In 1544, when Ivan IV was fourteen, he seized control of Russia by feeding the head of the government to a pack of dogs. Ivan the Terrible's childhood was scarred by the loss of both of his parents, and abuse at the hands of the Russian government. He was a good Tsar in some ways and created laws that were aimed toward class equality. Then.... he massacred his people and his eldest son.

Order a half size up because of the width. Available in sizes 7-13, half sizes as well. Please add a message to your order to specify your size.

Sterling silver
Oxidized finish

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