Lucifer (small)


I've been asked many times for a smaller version of my Lucifer necklace and I didn't think I could saw out such a small, detailed sigil but it happened! The last photo compares the original one with the mini. (Listing is for the small one only.)

The pendant measures 1" long.

The image originates in the sixteenth century Italian Grimoirium Verum, or “Grimoire of Truth.” Used in conjunction with other symbols, its original purpose of the sigil was to aid in a visual invocation of the angel Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism, usually reveres Lucifer not as the Devil, but as a liberator or guiding spirit.

I raised the "V" to give the design some dimension and accentuate the Verum, the Truth.

Sterling silver
Oxidized finish

The chain is 18" long unless you add message to specify 16", 20", 22" or 24"

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